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Construction financing.

Financing for your home's construction is essential and can encompass both the home and the land. This type of financing is typically referred to as a construction loan, designed to provide short-term funding exclusively for building a house. It's important to note that not all lenders offer construction loans, and there may be distinct advantages to working with a lender that also offers permanent financing once the construction process is completed. We strongly recommend discussing your financing options with your lender to determine which approach best suits your requirements.

At Texas Prestige Homes, we offer construction financing programs that, in certain cases, may necessitate no initial down payment if you already own the land. If you haven't yet acquired your property or are considering purchasing within a development, our team can assist you in acquiring the land and incorporating it into a construction loan.

We are proud to maintain a robust lending partnership with local construction lending companies, enabling us to extend favorable terms to our homeowners for their construction financing needs.

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